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A New Approach to Cybersecurity Education: The Dictionary That Makes it Simple

VIENNA, AUSTRIA (June 16, 2024) – Renowned cybersecurity expert Tolga Tavlas is breaking down barriers in the fight against cybercrime with the release of his groundbreaking book, “Cybersecurity Dictionary for Everyone: 1250 Terms Explained in Simple English.” This comprehensive dictionary translates complex cybersecurity jargon into plain English, empowering individuals and businesses to understand and defend against the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks.

Tavlas, a 26-year veteran of the fintech and banking sectors, emphasizes that cybersecurity is no longer solely the domain of IT professionals. “In today’s interconnected world, everyone is a potential target,” he warns. “This dictionary equips readers with the knowledge they need to protect their digital lives.”

The dictionary’s unique approach includes:

  • 1250 Must-Know Terms: A comprehensive glossary covering the entire cybersecurity landscape.
  • Jargon-Free Definitions: Clear explanations that make complex concepts easy to grasp.
  • Real-World Relevance: Examples that connect cybersecurity terms to everyday life and current events.
  • Interlinked Concepts: A network of related terms that deepens understanding.

“Cybersecurity Dictionary for Everyone” is available on Amazon, offering a unique opportunity for readers to bolster their digital defenses.

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