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Aiden Empowers Businesses to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Advanced Vulnerability Management

This week at RSA, Aiden Technologies, announced the introduction of a powerful new security features in its AidenVision platform. 

The key highlights of Aiden’s new capabilities include:

Exposure Identification: AidenVision now identifies and alerts organizations to high or critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) present in their software environments, allowing IT and security teams to quickly pinpoint the most critical exposures that require immediate attention.

Remediation Mapping: After identifying vulnerabilities, AidenVision maps the specific software updates or patches needed to remediate each issue, streamlining the remediation process by automatically connecting the vulnerability to the appropriate fix.

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: AidenVision provides detailed visibility into the vulnerability remediation progress, allowing teams to track how quickly issues are being addressed and when they were last remediated. Comprehensive reporting features also offer audit-ready evidence for regulatory and insurance purposes.

To further enhance the remediation capabilities, Aiden has also introduced improvements to its AidenBot solution, including a “critical-only” mode that will automatically execute the necessary steps to fix critical vulnerabilities and compliance issues, reducing disruption to endpoints.

“By bridging the gap between vulnerability discovery and remediation, Aiden is empowering IT managers to take proactive steps in protecting their digital assets and stay compliant with strict regulations,” said John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust and member of Aiden’s advisory board.

“There is a significant disconnect between the discovery of software vulnerabilities and the actual remediation process,” said Josh Aaron, CEO of Aiden. “The updates to AidenVision and AidenBot address this issue by providing organizations with a comprehensive solution that not only identifies vulnerabilities but also maps them to the specific software packages needed to fix them.”

With these groundbreaking updates, Aiden is empowering organizations to proactively address software vulnerabilities, mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, and maintain compliance with industry regulations and security protocols.

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