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Belkasoft Unveils BelkaGPT: Industry First Offline AI Assistant

Belkasoft, a global leader in digital forensics and cyber incident response software development, has announced a major update to its flagship product, Belkasoft X, introducing the innovative BelkaGPT. This generative AI-driven assistant is designed to revolutionize digital forensic investigations, providing investigators with a powerful tool to uncover evidence through natural language queries. Thanks to the automation of many processes, this update can double the productivity of digital forensics experts.

What Makes BelkaGPT Special?

Unlike other AI tools in the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) sector, which depend on external servers for data processing, BelkaGPT offers a more secure, standalone solution embedded directly in the Belkasoft X product. This approach ensures compliance with the stringent security policies often required in DFIR labs, enhancing data security and privacy.

Efficiency Without Demanding Hardware

BelkaGPT is built on a quantized language model, enabling it to operate efficiently on less powerful machines. Most forensic workstations are already equipped to handle demanding data processing tasks, meaning DFIR labs can start using BelkaGPT without significant hardware upgrades.

How Does BelkaGPT Work?

BelkaGPT is trained to understand real-world concepts and communicate in a human-like manner. BelkaGPT analyzes all the case data and can answer questions about it. After training, investigators can ask BelkaGPT questions about the case directly through the interface.

Ensuring Trustworthy Output

BelkaGPT enhances the reliability of digital forensic investigations by not only providing answers but also referencing the three most relevant artifacts. This feature allows investigators to verify the context and origin of the data, ensuring accurate and trustworthy results.

Artifact Coverage

BelkaGPT focuses primarily on artifact types containing text data, such as emails, SMS, chats, documents, notes, calendar events, and translations. Additionally, it can interpret drone data and file metadata. It also considers additional properties assigned during data source analysis, such as categories detected in picture analysis.

Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft CEO: I am sure that BelkaGPT will revolutionize the field of digital forensics by significantly simplifying and speeding up investigations with the power of artificial intelligence.

BelkaGPT represents a significant advancement in digital forensics, offering a secure, efficient, and reliable tool for investigators. To learn more about BelkaGPT and watch it in action, please visit the Belkasoft website.

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