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Cloudbrink Hits the Easy Button With First ‘Personal Sase’ for Hybrid Workforce

Addresses SASE performance and complexity gripes as it rounds out security capabilities

SUNNYVALE, CA – May 8, 2024 – Cloudbrink today debuts the world’s first personal SASE solution for the hybrid workforce, with the addition of Internet security capabilities to its high-performance ZTNA platform.

Internet security functionality joins the firewall as-a-service (FWaaS) capability launched in December. The new capabilities complete a line-up of core SASE functions enabling secure high-performance access to web, SaaS, cloud and on-prem applications for hybrid users over any network connection and with no hardware dependency.

Organizations today are dealing with two problems. The first is “proxy” solutions that severely degrade the application performance the moment they are deployed.

The second is that SASE is typically a loose integration of several products which leads to customers managing multiple policy engines, different consoles for visibility, inconsistent user experiences, and painful management and licensing overhead.

Prakash Mana, CEO of Cloudbrink, said: “Even Gartner, inventor of the term SASE, recognizes that it has become too complex, too difficult, and too expensive for enterprises to deploy SASE architecture.

“Organizations need to move more quickly to the emerging ‘coffee shop networking’ model, delivering lightweight, adaptable networking solutions in the enterprise that replicate the seamless user experience of coffee shop connectivity, removing the complex network infrastructure typically associated with corporate office settings.

“This is even more critical with hybrid work where security, performance, flexibility and portability are key. We’ve left-shifted security and integrated core SASE functionality in a true per-user consumption based SaaS service, making it seamless for users to access applications and remarkably easy for IT to deploy and manage.”

The new and enhanced capabilities completing Cloudbrink’s personal SASE solution are:

  • Single policy for security and networking for ease of management
  • Single app for all functions – high-performance access, personal SD-WAN, zero-trust security, Internet security and digital experience monitoring
  • Complete and centralized visibility across network, users and applications they access
  • Unified zero-trust security stack (user authentication, device posture, granular role-based least privilege access, SDP-compliant security)

Mauricio Sanchez, senior research director, enterprise networking and security at Dell’Oro Group, said: “In many SASE solutions for remote users, security often overshadows the networking. Yet, for remote users to enjoy a positive experience and robust security, equal emphasis on high-performance networking and stringent security is essential. A truly effective SASE solution integrates these elements seamlessly, supporting the hybrid workforce’s demands.”

Karl Gouverneur, former F100 CIO said: “CIOs want the SASE promise of integrated networking and security, but they’re looking for the ‘easy button’. Legacy single-vendor SASE offerings are often an expensive, overly complex patchwork of acquired products while multi-vendor solutions also bring complexity into the environment, rely on constant finger-pointing, and need further integration. This is the first solution that I’ve seen that gives you the necessary modern and integrated SASE functionality in a single SKU while delivering high performance even over unreliable network connections.”

About Cloudbrink
Cloudbrink brings secure, high-performance connectivity to the modern hybrid workforce anywhere in the world. The company uses AI to provide edge-native hybrid access as a service (HAaaS) delivering accelerated performance for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the Cloudbrink team has decades of combined expertise in last-mile network connectivity, security and distributed systems.

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