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Cybersecurity Visionary Kate Kuehn Joins HYAS Board of Directors

Respected cybersecurity veteran Kate Kuehn joins HYAS Board of Directors, endorses the usage of adversary infrastructure expertise to drive proactive threat intelligence and next-generation protective DNS for operational resiliency. (Photo: Business Wire)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HYAS Infosec, an adversary infrastructure platform provider that offers unparalleled visibility, protection, and security against all kinds of malware and attacks, today announced that industry leader Kate Kuehn has joined the company as a Board Director.

Kate_KuehnKuehn brings to HYAS a unique understanding of the demands on both risk executives and Boards within the lens of cyber risk in their organization and the global cybersecurity community. Her insight will be invaluable to the HYAS Board of Directors as the company meets growing market demand for its protective DNS and advanced threat prevention solutions.

“HYAS is fundamentally reframing proactive cybersecurity and threat-prevention best practices,” Kuehn said. “It is truly industry-changing threat prevention, anchored on the foundation of best-in-class protective DNS, which is fundamentally changing the game for organizations, providing visibility that puts control squarely back into an organization’s hands, and enabling a proactive approach to helping achieve operational resiliency. I have long admired HYAS and am looking forward to working closely with the Board and management team to further accelerate HYAS’s growth and expand its market presence.”

Kuehn has had a long and purposeful journey in her cyber career, taking on C-level roles including that of CEO, CISO, CRO, and more, to ensure she understands all sides of opportunity and risk technology that are present in today’s community. In addition, Kuehn is on the Board of Directors and a CISO in Residence for the National Technology Security Coalition. She is a recognized thought leader in both AI and cybersecurity, and regularly serves as an advisor within the cyber community.

“Kate is one of the most respected leaders in cybersecurity today. Her perspective and counsel will contribute significantly as HYAS grows,” said HYAS CEO, David Ratner. “Given the current risk landscape, and heightened necessity for strong cyber defense, Kate fully embraces our view that organizations must be proactive and execute preemptive defenses to protect themselves as they implement true operational resiliency and business continuity planning. We are delighted she is aboard.”

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