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Despite Rising API Attacks, Even Fewer Organizations Have an API Security Solution Compared to 2023

Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security company, today released the findings of its second annual RSA Conference survey. The survey revealed that while API-related security incidents have increased in the last year, even fewer organizations have a solution in place (42%). This annual study illustrates that while companies are still struggling with API security and unmanaged API sprawl, many are not proactively taking the precautionary measures to secure their APIs.

Garnering insights from more than 125 cybersecurity professionals, the study reveals several staggering statistics including:

  • Half of organizations (50%) do not have a dedicated team member or team for API security, up by 10% from last year.
  • API security ownership has increasingly become the responsibility of the CISO (44%), up by 6% from the previous year.
  • While down by 10% from the previous year, the majority of respondents (56%) still reported they either struggle with API sprawl or do not know if their company is managing API sprawl effectively.
  • Last year, very few respondents confirmed falling victim to an API attack in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, in 2024, 14% said yes, their company has – while a quarter weren’t sure.
  • Yet even fewer organizations have an API security solution in place (42%), and 20% (up by 9%) are unsure if their organization is securing APIs at all.

As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, integrating API security into their operational framework has become crucial, not only to protect against potential breaches but also to maintain consumer trust and comply with regulatory standards.

During RSA, Traceable announced the industry’s first generative AI API security capabilities to help protect the APIs that power connections between LLMs and other applications services. This benefits users and helps enterprises embrace the crossroad between AI technologies and securing their ecosystems.

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To better understand the state of API security at the RSA Conference 2024, Traceable conducted a survey on the show floor. The team spoke with over 125 security professionals about their recent experience, struggles, and how they are dealing with a new era of threats – specifically API security risks in their organization. Traceable anonymized and compiled this data to produce a report to inform the industry on the trends and patterns of API security.

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