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Ebryx Unveils InvisilyTM: Industry’s Most Comprehensive Universal ZTNA Solution

May 6th, 2024 

BOSTON, May 6, 2024  – Ebryx LLC today announced the commercial availability of Invisily, the Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that encapsulates the most comprehensive set of capabilities in the market.  

Eqraz started using Invisily last year as it offered a powerful and cost-effective approach to meeting our unique secure remote access needs. The product also offers a comprehensive set of additional capabilities that we are now starting to use to improve our company’s overall security posture” – Syed Zuhair Naqvi, CEO of Eqraz 

Advancing ZTNA Beyond Conventional Boundaries 

Invisily integrates multiple traditional product categories into a single, streamlined solution, enhancing security, reducing complexity, and optimizing the ROI for security expenditures. 

Invisily is a holistic ZTNA solution with a modern architecture without the technical debt of many competing products…Its flexible architecture backed by the vendor’s expertise in managed services helps customers adopt Zero Trust in a simple, unobtrusive, and painless fashion” – KuppingerCole Analysts AG 

Invisily transcends conventional ZTNA offerings by incorporating capabilities like: 

  • Nextgen NAC 
  • Micro segmentation 
  • Zero Trust Application and Data Access 
  • Centralized Identity and Access Management (CIAM) 
  • Centralized hardware and software asset inventory 
  • Continuous user and device risk evaluation 
  • Secure access management everywhere (on-prem, remote, and third-party scenarios) 

Adopting Zero Trust with Ease  

Invisily empowers organizations to confidently implement Zero Trust. Its “no rip and replace” approach not only preserves existing security investments but also guarantees compatibility with all network infrastructures. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of versatile deployment options (on-premises, cloud, and hybrid). 

From Essential to Advanced Security 

Invisily effectively combats top threats like system intrusion, ransomware, and insider attacks. It forms the foundation of organizational security by reducing the attack surface and providing extensive coverage of CIS Essential Cyber Hygiene (IG1) safeguards in a single product. Additionally, its support for advanced CIS safeguards and zero trust network, application, and data access makes it ideal for companies with advanced security needs looking to achieve an Optimal Zero Trust Architecture per CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model with least complexity. 

“Our objective with Invisily was to enable organizations to get the cybersecurity basics right and build upon that to achieve advanced security. Invisily provides a solid foundation to organizations of all sizes and budgets and offers advanced Zero Trust capabilities for more sensitive environments.” – Ahrar Naqvi, CEO of Ebryx 

Holistic Security through Value-Added Services 

Invisily’s impact is increased manifold when coupled with Ebryx’s full suite of infrastructure and application security services. An organization can supplement Invisily’s Universal ZTNA offering with the services needed to achieve a comprehensive security posture. 

About Ebryx 

Founded in 2008, Ebryx boasts over a decade of expertise in cybersecurity R&D and managed security services. Its R&D efforts have fueled some of the top security products in the industry. The company serves a prestigious clientele, including several Fortune 500 firms, leading cybersecurity companies, and numerous small and medium sized enterprises. 

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