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evolutionQ Unveils MultimodalKES, a New Cryptography Protocol Offering Increased Protection Against Classical and Quantum Cyber Threats

MultimodalKES delivers resilient, multi-layered cryptographic protection for long-term security and quantum-safe communications

WATERLOO, ONMay 13, 2024 – evolutionQ, a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity company, today unveiled MultimodalKES, a new cryptographic protocol that enables the establishment of end-to-end (E2E) encryption keys for long-term secure, quantum-safe communications. In support of the new protocol, evolutionQ issued a corresponding white paper at the 10th annual ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography Conference in Singapore.

Relying on standards-based cryptographic methods, MultimodalKES combines symmetric cryptography, post-quantum cryptography (PQC), and current asymmetric key cryptography that, combined, possess significantly stronger properties compared to other key establishment solutions, making them resilient to both classical and quantum computing attacks.

MultimodalKES is deployable at scale in many enterprise applications via existing protocols (including TLS, IPSec, and MACSec) and infrastructures such as routers or security appliances – in the cloud or via customer-owned hardware security modules (HSMs). It is easily upgraded to work with quantum key distribution (QKD) devices, creating a solution to the last-mile challenge with these networks. MultimodalKES improves upon the asymmetric-PQC hybrid cryptographic approach recommended by national cybersecurity agencies, including BSI (Germany) and ANSSI (France), and with implementations outlined by global standards bodies.

“Today’s public-key cryptography is vulnerable to a multitude of classical, AI, quantum, and other unknown threats. To better protect themselves, government agencies and organizations in critical industries are actively seeking resilient, defense-in-depth approaches that address both current and future attacks,” said Dr. Michele Mosca, CEO and Co-Founder at evolutionQ. “MultimodalKES delivers strong computational security even if all asymmetric cryptography methods are broken, and also protects against other serious attacks.”

The key features and capabilities of MultimodalKES include:

  • Defense-in-Depth: By combining symmetric, PQC, and current asymmetric algorithms, MultimodalKES provides unmatched security and protects sensitive data against future threats posed by quantum computers and other code-breaking advances.
  • Long-Term Security (LTS): MultimodalKES protects the long-term value of an organization’s critical data, sensitive personal information, trade secrets, and intellectual property.
  • Enhanced QKD Integration: Increases QKD network range and extends its reliability, mitigating existing challenges and expanding operational capabilities.
  • Future-Proof Cryptography: MultimodalKES protects your investment and ensures that security measures remain effective and resilient as technologies and threats continue to evolve.
  • Seamless Integration: MultimodalKES seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructure, including existing QKD deployments, minimizing disruption while maximizing security. It also enables secure communications with long-lived field devices, mitigating device-specific vulnerabilities of IoT smart meters, last-mile equipment, automobiles, and more.
  • Performance Optimization: MultimodalKES optimizes the balance between security and efficiency, ensuring minimal impact on system performance while maintaining robust protection against classical and quantum threats.
  • Built-in Compliance and Standards: MultimodalKES adheres to industry standards and compliance requirements, providing confidence that your security measures meet regulatory expectations and best practices.

Since every organization has unique security needs, compliance requirements, and deployment challenges, evolutionQ’s expert support team will help fine-tune MultimodalKES to fit each customer’s specific requirements, ensuring their customized security solution aligns with business and security objectives.

“In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, governments and critical industries need the unique, multi-layered protection that MultimodalKES provides,” said Daniel Minder, Product Manager at evolutionQ. “By investing in our quantum-safe key establishment solution, organizations aren’t just safeguarding their data today, they’re also strengthening their cybersecurity posture and protecting their investments in the future.”

Throughout 2024, evolutionQ will continue building its partner ecosystem, validating use cases across various industries and geographies, and developing a commercial product based on the MultimodalKES protocol. For more information about MultimodalKES, or to request the white paper or schedule a demo, please visit

About evolutionQ
evolutionQ was co-founded by leading cryptography experts, Dr. Michele Mosca, Dr. Norbert Lütkenhaus, and Dr. David Jao. With offices in Waterloo, Canada, and Aachen, Germany, evolutionQ delivers robust software that is revolutionizing the field of quantum-safe cryptography. They pioneered Quantum Delivery Network (QDN) technology to ensure quantum-safe key management deployments are secure, seamless, and resilient. For more information about evolutionQ, the Basejump family of products, and to view career opportunities, please visit

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