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Frontier Technology Inc. Boosts Capacity of Huntsville, Alabama Facilities to Serve Fast-Growing Cyber Business

January 16, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–Frontier Technology Inc. (FTI), a leading provider of deep data expertise and mission-tailored services and solutions to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community, today announced the expansion of its cyber operations facilities in Huntsville, Alabama with the construction of the FTI Huntsville Analysis and Cyber Security Center (HACS Center). The expansion will add 25,000 square feet of secure facility space operating at all classification levels to complement the company’s existing office.

The FTI HACS Center will serve as a Cyber Center of Excellence — a secure environment where FTI’s government customers, industry partners and academics can work together. They will be equipped to accelerate innovation in cyber with cutting-edge analytics and access to FTI’s vast library of operational technologies and deep technical capabilities in the cyber domain. The new facilities will bring FTI’s cyber operations footprint in Huntsville to 40,000 square feet. In addition to supporting 60 FTI employees already based in Huntsville, the HACS Center will create 140 new jobs over the next three years.

FTI will invest approximately $10 million for the expansion of its existing footprint in Huntsville. The FTI HACS Center is expected to be complete and operational by the first half of 2025.

“I commend FTI on its expansion in Huntsville, Alabama. The HACS Center will contribute to our national security through cyber security, data analytics and artificial intelligence,” said Representative Dale Strong (AL-05). “Now more than ever, it’s crucial the United States is on the cutting edge of next-generation war fighting and this investment will contribute to that mission.”

“Our late founder Lavon Jordan has deep roots in the Huntsville area. Since we opened our first office in Huntsville in 2010, I’ve been amazed at how far we’ve come with this community,” said Jose Hidalgo, president, FTI. “FTI’s HACS Center will serve as a Cyber Center of Excellence, with state-of-the-art technology, expertise and resources to help our customers advance, accelerate and optimize defenses against increasingly sophisticated and dangerous cyber threats.”

A cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds on average, and the DoD is among the prime targets for a wide array of ever-evolving and ever more dangerous threats. FTI’s defensive and resilient cyber solutions offer a portfolio of advanced technologies and services to help customers maintain and optimize cyber defense, including mission cyber risk analysis, supply chain Illumination, blue and gray space analysis, penetration testing, radio frequency (RF) analysis, and cyber-enhanced threat intelligence analysis.

“FTI is able to provide the most powerful insights, skilled talent and sophisticated technology to deter bad actors and defend critical military infrastructure and intelligence,” said Lincoln Hudson, chief operations officer, FTI. “The HACS Center’s innovative edge will help us maintain our industry-leading standard and attract some of the country’s best cyber talent from in, around, and beyond Huntsville.”

The announcement of the FTI HACS Center follows the company’s October 2023 announcement of the FTI Operational Research Bridge for Innovation & Technology (ORBIT Center), a 46,000 square foot, space-focused, secure facility currently under construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The ORBIT Center will provide the DoD and its mission partners with a Center of Excellence to foster collaboration and knowledge transfer in the space operations domain.

“It is exciting to see the great leadership and professionalism the FTI team brings to decision analysis tools and in-depth cyber capabilities supporting DoD across the Services,” said Jim Rogers, major general, U.S. Army (ret.) and board member, FTI. “The growth in Huntsville reinforces the importance of this work across all government agencies.”

About FTI’s Huntsville Analysis and Cyber Security Center (HACS Center)

Jose Hidalgo FTI President 3The HACS Center represents FTI’s commitment to innovation in both cyber and data analytics. This collaborative ecosystem will be a space that accelerates innovation in three fields that are critical within the DoD and foundational to the global technological landscape: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

The HACS Center will play an integral role in sustaining and enhancing the leadership position of the DoD in these increasingly competitive and essential domains. FTI will continue to focus efforts and resources into these key sectors, reinforcing our position as leaders in these areas of technology.

The HACS Center will be a core part of FTI’s technology investment strategy over the next few years, with emphasis on:

Advancing Cyber Capabilities: FTI will strengthen its existing cyber frameworks and explore new and emerging technologies in cybersecurity to stay ahead of the evolving digital landscape and adversaries.

Accelerating Innovation, Integration and Collaboration: As FTI adopts this approach for the HACS Center and ORBIT Center, it will create environments where ideas can converge and lead to transformative solutions.

Innovating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science: AI, data science, and exploratory research are more than just buzzwords for FTI — they represent a technology strategy and enable the best support for customers across the DoD.

FTI’s Full Capabilities

FTI’s complete offerings include data analytics, modeling and defensive/resilient cyber services and solutions to enhance the ability of the DoD, Intelligence Community and the Federal Government to make the best decisions possible for their missions, with greater confidence.

FTI’s data analytics solutions and services are built around a framework that leverages artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to deliver a wide range of analytic and visualization capabilities for acquisition and operational decision support across DevSecOps, enterprise architecture analysis, enhanced data visualizations, model-based systems engineering, digital transformation and system performance analysis.

FTI’s modeling solutions and services help our customers better track, visualize, simulate and analyze trends and underlying mission drivers across wargaming, logistics analysis and visualization, system performance modeling, synthetic systems and data generation support.

FTI’s defensive/resilient cyber solutions offer a portfolio of advanced technologies and services to help maintain and optimize cyber defense, including mission cyber risk analysis, supply chain Illumination, blue and gray space analysis, penetration testing, RF analysis, and cyber-enhanced threat intelligence analysis.

About FTI

FTI provides deep data expertise, technology and services that enhance the ability of the DoD, Intelligence Community and other agencies of the Federal Government to make the best decisions possible. Drawing on nearly four decades of innovation, FTI’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property and operational technologies has been augmented by more than $200 million of U.S. government investment, and solutions can often be mission-ready in a matter of weeks. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, FTI operates in 34 states and offers seven facilities of varying clearance levels nationwide. More at

Press Release by Frontier Technology Inc.

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