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Game On: SafeDNS Launches Its Next-Gen Dashboard

SafeDNS, one of the top innovators in cloud security and web filtering technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of their newly redesigned dashboard! This release marks just the beginning of a series of enhancements designed to make your experience with SafeDNS easier, more efficient, and more productive. 

The new dashboard of SafeDNS is full of vibrancy with a modern look while having advanced functionality. It involves access to an easy-to-follow menu and an improved color theme, which helps in minimizing the learning curve for both new and seasoned users.

“We are dedicated to continuous improvement,” said Arko Labrie, the Product Owner at SafeDNS. “The future updates will solidify our position at the forefront of DNS security, providing our users with an exceptional service experience”, he added.


Key Features of the Redesigned Dashboard:

  1. Modern User Interface:
    The revamped interface focuses on making interactions smooth and intuitive. Each click and move are optimized to enhance user experience and streamline workflows.
  2. Redesigned Menu:
    The newly structured menu ensures that critical functions are easily accessible, allowing users to perform tasks with minimal effort and maximum speed.
  3. New Color Scheme:
    Reflecting SafeDNS’s innovative spirit, the new color palette is designed to reduce eye strain and improve readability, ensuring long-term comfort during use.
  4. Boosted Performance and Speed:
    Optimized for faster load times and responsive interactions, the new dashboard supports efficient management of huge volumes of data and complex queries, thus offering strong, agile support to users.What’s coming next is a significant upgrade to SafeDNS’s user experience (UX) and backend frameworks. The team is preparing to transition to a cutting-edge React + Ajax-based architecture. On top of these technological advancements, SafeDNS is also bettering the functionality of customer support. It will offer support tools within the new dashboard so that users can easily reach out whenever they need any assistance.

    The updated dashboard is now live and available to all SafeDNS users. SafeDNS invites users to explore the new features and enhancements designed to elevate their experience. User feedback is invaluable to SafeDNS, helping the company continue to innovate and improve.

    About SafeDNS: SafeDNS is the commitment to your safety every day. Since our establishment in 2010, we’ve grown to become a global leader in web filtering and internet security solutions. We are customer-focused and dedicate our services to industries from enterprises to individual households in 69 countries with cutting-edge solutions. Our success has been built on a strong technological base with a combination of robust technologies, which include a powerful DNS resolver with in-house machine learning capabilities, and a highly talented, responsive, and friendly team. With daily refinements to our over 99% database covering the web, we are constantly making efforts to provide innovative solutions and leading in the industry.

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