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Newest Tamper Proof, Electronic Voting Technology Strengthens In-Person Voter Confidence and, According to Election and Voting Experts, Is On Course to Make Election Results Indisputable

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New York, New York (June 6, 2024) – VotRite, the first of its kind, NOT web-based, Electronic Voting System available in over 20 customizable languages, is tamper proof, has patented privacy measures and also boasts the smallest carbon footprint and greatest voter accessibility, according to Christopher H. Baum, Chief Compliance Officer at VotRite and former consultant to the City of New York’s Board of Elections, New York State Board of Elections and other state/local governments.

Baum says VotRite’s patented, fraud-blocking technology includes Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) systems and a Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), underscoring VotRite’s transparency, security and the long overdue modernization of the United States’ voting process.

“We provide election officials with the tools they need to fulfill their obligation by supporting all eligible voters, reinforcing confidence in the voting process, and stewarding the data that accurately records each vote,” added Baum.

“These stringent measures ensure tamper proof, unencumbered voter access regardless of race, age, gender ethnicity and economic status,” said VotRite Co-Founder and President Angelica Kapsis, a U.S. Navy-Veteran now dedicated to building a trusted, secure and accurate election process for our nation and the world. Years working with eligible voters with disabilities fueled Kapsis’ commitment to a hack proof, human-error-free process where all eligible voters can vote with confidence, even at curbside.

“As expected, VotRite’s electronic voting systems (EVS) have proven successful and uncontested in all elections utilized- from large cities to small towns, universities, condos, co-ops and unions across the country,” continued Kapsis.  “The upcoming election cycle will be a time for election decision-makers to really evaluate the integrity and vulnerabilities of their current process- and to think of both short and long term solutions.  We’re anticipating greater focus on long-term solutions like VotRite’s LT 2100 system– which we purposely designed to account for the problems of the past two decades.”

VotRite’s patented, secure, touch-screen system prevents anyone other than the direct user from being able to see what is on the screen.  Committed to a profound environmental impact, Kapsis says their systems’ ability to eliminate wasteful paper ballots is superior to traditional hand-counted voting systems that require more ballots than voters be pre-printed and paid for.  VotRite’s paper receipts (⅙ the size of most ballots) are still utilized for tertiary audits and required record archiving.  Each machine’s compact, plug-n-play size, eases transportation to and from poll sites, shrinks the square footage needed for voting locations, and reduces storage requirements between elections.

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