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Ocf Publishes Matter Bridge to Strengthen Smart Home Interoperability

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) has published an update to its Secure IP Device Framework to bridge with the Matter device ecosystem. The update enables OCF and Matter devices to coexist and interact within the same smart home, strengthening interoperability, enhancing the user experience and improving return on investment for the homeowner.

“Full smart home and building automation has always been our priority, and is only possible through interoperability,” comments Brian Bishop, OCF President. “The explosion in IoT innovation, frameworks, regulations and more has created fragmentation, making interoperability a challenge. Bridging different ecosystems is a key step in addressing this, enabling Matter devices to be onboarded and managed within an OCF smart home network, and vice versa. This gives consumers and installers the choice, flexibility, and enhanced smart home experience they crave.”

The OCF-Matter bridge is composed of derived models that map connections between the two standards, enabling the devices to speak the same language and appear on the same network. This development is also relevant to support the convergence between residential and commercial buildings as infrastructure projects adopt unified building management systems and work towards cognitive buildings.

“The Connectivity Standards Alliance is proud to see initiatives like this as a result of the efforts from our mutual members,” said Tobin Richardson, President & CEO, Connectivity Standards Alliance. “The announcement of the OCF-Matter Bridge exemplifies our shared commitment to reducing barriers to interoperability and enabling opportunities for connectivity and innovation across diverse devices and platforms.”

Learn more about how OCF is enabling secure IoT interoperability in smart homes, buildings and cities.

Full details on the OCF-Matter specification can also be found here.

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