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Provenrun Partners With Renault Group’s Ampere to Secure On-Board Communications on Future Sdv Platforms

Paris, France | 6th February 2024: Through a strategic collaboration, ProvenRun co-develops and provides cybersecurity IP to protect onboard communication on future Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Platforms for Ampere, the first European EV and software pure player, born from Renault Group. Augmenting security standards and ensuring utmost security in SDVs, ProvenRun introduces the innovative Protocol Breaker, specifically designed to create secure pathways for communication among systems. Thanks to an advanced security technology, ProvenRun emphasizes the use of top-tier security tools like Rust programming language and ProvenCore operating system to bolster SDV security.

SDV cybersecurity challenge

ProvenRun’s security IP, co-developed with Ampere software & systems teams, creates a secure data transfer environment, ensuring reliable vehicle system operations, for high-speed data transfer, crucial for advanced vehicle features like autonomous driving and real-time navigation such as Software Defined Vehicles.

Innovative Protocol Breaker for Enhanced Security

The solution is a state-of-the-art protocol breaker, designed to reduce vulnerability exposure significantly and ensure seamless Ethernet-based communication (the vital infrastructure for high speed data transfer used in SDV).

The protocol breaker separates and isolates two communication segments: the “Front” and the “Back”. The Front segment interfaces with connected and exposed ECUs. It acts as the first line of defense, scrutinizing all incoming data for integrity and authenticity. This segment ensures that only secure and verified communications are passed on to the critical systems of the vehicle. The Back segment, on the other hand, interacts with the vehicle’s critical systems. It ensures that the data received from the Front segment is appropriately formatted and safe for these systems to process. This segment plays a vital role in maintaining the operational integrity of the vehicle’s core functions like steering, accelerating, braking.

This design facilitates a robust and secure communication pathway between ECUs of different safety criticalities, which is essential in an environment where a myriad of functions, from basic vehicle control to advanced driver-assistance systems, coexist.

Top Cybersecurity Technologies in the Protocol Breaker: Rust and ProvenCore

This protocol breaker embodies the fusion of two powerful tools: the Rust programming language and ProvenCore secure operating system:

· The Protocol Breaker’s development harnesses the power of the Rust programming language, renowned for its emphasis on memory safety and concurrency. Rust’s unique memory management approach effectively mitigates common vulnerabilities exploited in cybersecurity attacks.

· With its prestigious Common Criteria EAL7 certification (a world premiere), ProvenCore represents the pinnacle of operating system security. It provides formally proven isolation between the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ segments of the protocol breaker, which is critical to prevent potential breaches and maintaining the integrity of critical vehicle functions. ProvenCore’s robust security features play a vital role in the protocol breaker, enabling it to act as a reliable and secure mediator in the vehicle’s communication network.

A Milestone in Automotive Cybersecurity

The collaboration between ProvenRun and Ampere demonstrates a significant leap in automotive cybersecurity. This partnership, in line with the Ampere horizontal strategic approach, harnesses ProvenRun’s specialized cybersecurity expertise and Ampere’s cutting-edge vehicle software architecture to present a new horizon for highly connected and secure vehicle experiences.

To Henry Bzeih, VP Software & Systems at Ampere, “ProvenCore OS EAL7 certification has no equivalent on the market which is a concrete proof of excellence. It convinced us to use their product but moreover to co-create IP with them! ProvenRun cybersecurity competences joint to Ampere software expertise will allow our SDV platform introduction while ensuring a secure by design approach. This unique partnership marks a crucial step, reflecting a shared dedication to secure innovative solutions in the automotive industry.”

Live Demonstration at CES in Las Vegas

In a move to further showcase the practical application and effectiveness of the protocol breaker, ProvenRun was excited to present a live demonstration of it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This demonstration provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to experience firsthand the advanced capabilities of the protocol breaker in a real-world setting.

Thierry Chesnais, CEO of ProvenRun, expressed excitement about his presence at the CES: “The live demonstration at CES is not just a demonstration of technological prowess, but a testament to the commitment we share with Ampere to advancing automotive security. Seeing our joint solution in action at such a prestigious event will highlight the tangible benefits of our collaboration.”

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About ProvenRun:

At ProvenRun, we are dedicated to establishing absolute trust in the Internet of Things (IoT) through our unwavering commitment to perfect embedded security. Our goal is to provide an operating system and applications that are impervious to failure and hacking attempts. We believe in a proactive approach to security, focusing on prevention rather than simply reacting to attacks. By leveraging formal methods, we employ a unique approach to create secured-by-design components. Through rigorous mathematical proofs, we verify all execution paths for all input variables, leaving no room for vulnerabilities. Our goal is to achieve the coveted bug-free state for complex embedded systems, ensuring the highest level of security across multiple dimensions. For more information

About Ampere

Ampere is the first European company specialising in electric vehicles and software. Part of Renault Group, Ampere designs, develops, manufactures and markets under the Renault brand full electric vehicles featuring cutting-edge software technology, accessible to all. The customer experience, as well as social and environmental impact, are embedded throughout the vehicle development process to ensure they align with the brand’s commitment to its customers, the planet and those living on it. For more information, please visit or follow Ampere on LinkedIn and X.

ProvenRun partners with Renault Group’s Ampere to secure on-board communications on future SDV platforms
Press Release by ProvenRun

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