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Stellar Cyber Achieves Certified Integration with Trellix Endpoint Security

Stellar Cyber Achieves Certified Integration with Trellix Endpoint Security

Integrated Solutions Deliver Enhanced Security Capabilities

to Simplify Threat Defense Lifecycle for Customers

 SAN JOSE, CA – March 18, 2024 Stellar Cyber, the developer of SecOps platforms for lean security teams, announced today that it achieved technical integration of the Stellar Cyber SecOps Platform with Trellix Endpoint Security HX, enabling customers to deploy more robust security solutions and better protect their assets from ever-evolving cyber threats.

As a member of the Trellix Security Innovation Alliance, Stellar Cyber plays a critical role in the program’s mission to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments, bringing joint customers better value and more protection against the growing threat landscape. Through this partnership, Stellar Cyber and Trellix address a rising industry need to shorten response times from security events and more easily remediate compromised systems, leading to a simplified Threat Defense Lifecycle.

“We’re excited to work with Trellix to make security operations simpler. Our companies bring together two best-in-class detection and response capabilities where we see the entire threat landscape most exposed to adversary attacks,” said Andrew Homer, VP of Strategic Alliances, Stellar Cyber. “Together, we are committed to enabling security analysts to focus on what they do best, and we look forward to continuing to deliver turnkey solutions to our mutual MSSP and enterprise customers.”

Stellar Cyber technology enables lean security teams to keep their on-premises, cloud, and IT/OT environments secure without adding resources. Packed with easy-to-use security features and intelligent automation, Stellar Cyber complements a security team’s human expertise, making them more productive and efficient.

Unlike other SecOps platforms, Stellar Cyber works with any existing security stack out of the box, with built-in automation to simplify security operations. Customers deploying the Stellar Cyber SecOps platform report an 8x improvement in the mean time to detect and up to 20x improvement in the mean time to respond to threats. With the integration of Trellix Endpoint Security HX, users can now benefit from the following:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Expands “line of sight” visibility across the entire attack surface from endpoint to cloud workloads
  • Intelligent Automation: AI-driven threat detection with automated investigation allows SOC analysts to combat threats effectively
  • Ease of Use: The combined solution means security analysts of any expertise, from beginner to seasoned experts, can deliver consistent security outcomes.

“A key goal behind the Trellix Security Innovation Alliance program is to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and simplify the integration of those products with complex customer environments,” said Jason Andrew, Chief Revenue Officer, Trellix. “We’re thrilled to see Stellar Cyber leverage Trellix’s investment in its security risk management platform and extend this value to Stellar Cyber customers.”

Click here for more information about the Trellix/Stellar Cyber integration.

About Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber delivers comprehensive, unified security without complexity, empowering lean security teams of any skill to secure their environments successfully. With Stellar Cyber, organizations reduce risk with early and precise identification and remediation of threats while slashing costs, retaining investments in existing tools, and improving analyst productivity, delivering an 8X improvement in MTTD and a 20X improvement in MTTR. The company is based in Silicon Valley. For more information, contact

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