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Unique new platform from Praxis Security Labs aims to optimize cyber-resilience through effective Human Risk Management

Oslo, Norway, 26th June, 2024Praxis Security Labs, the Human Risk Management (HRM) pioneer, today announced Praxis Navigator, a unified, human cybersecurity data platform for measuring and optimizing organizations’ cyber resilience using behavioral data. With HRM rapidly superseding Security Awareness Training, SaaS-based Navigator has been built from the ground up to:

  • measure, develop and constantly improve security culture across an entire organization
  • mitigate against the exploitation and manipulation of humans to circumvent technological cyber security measures
  • communicate the business impact of risk, security and resilience to the business side of an organization

Kai Roer, founder and CEO of Praxis Security Labs, said: “68% of modern cyber incidents can be traced to what is referred to, misleadingly and unfairly, as ‘human error’. The truth is that social engineering attacks – and, increasingly, AI-augmented social engineering attacks – have introduced a new world of security challenges. Security Awareness Training no longer cuts it, making the new approach of Human Risk Management essential. Our aim is to help organizations improve security behaviors through technology, policies and education, automatically.”

Historically, siloed data has been one of the biggest obstacles to addressing security culture and human-related cyber security risks. Praxis Navigator uses API-based integrations to access many of the key behavior-related data stores in common use: MS Defender, Office 365, incident report, phishing, and spam. This reduces the time to access relevant data from weeks to just hours, as well as saving valuable organizational resources.

Navigator then operates on those data to:

  • analyze an organization’s unique human behavioral data
  • identify connections, behaviors and potential security risks specific to that organization
  • interpret the results based on cutting-edge research and best practices, to deliver recommendations and mitigation plans specific to the organization and context
  • provide valid, useful metrics to track security interventions

Rik Turner, Senior Principal Analyst at Omdia, said: “Undesirable security behaviors in employees can be triggered by both external and internal events, such as the introduction of new policies or technology. Discovering, understanding, and acting on human risk factors is difficult without accurate data, the right tools, analysis, and expert interpretation. Praxis Navigator aims to make all these elements accessible to organizations, using data they already have but ordinarily don’t use.”

Praxis Navigator uses pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to correct data inconsistencies automatically, enhancing its accuracy over time. This maintains data integrity and frees up security teams to focus on strategic tasks rather than data maintenance. Used continuously, Navigator enables implementation of a cycle of ongoing monitoring and improvement, ultimately ingraining and reinforcing the best possible security culture across an organization.

The roadmap for Praxis Navigator includes:

  • automating the interpretation of those unique risks to generate action plans to mitigate against the security risks it identifies
  • calculating the financial benefits and ROI of following the recommended courses of action, helping the business side of organizations to understand the impact of risk, security and resilience.

Espen Otterstad is CISO of ABAX AS, which has been piloting Praxis Navigator. He said: “Praxis Navigator applies its unique modeling techniques to our behavioral data to identify connections, behaviors and associated potential security risks. As an organization, we’re rewarded with visualizations that enable us to understand everything about the human aspects of our current cyber security posture, in a fraction of the time it would take by any other means.”

Praxis Navigator is available from 26th June, 2024 on a 7-day free trial, with an option to extend up to 21 days.


About Praxis Security Labs
Human Risk Management (HRM) has emerged recently to address the increasingly significant limitations of traditional Security Awareness Training. In the vanguard of HRM solution providers, Praxis Security Labs enables organizations to continuously measure, understand and act to improve their security culture, all contributing to their overall cyber-resilience.

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