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VPNRanks Predicts, Minecraft Expected to Face 77.3% of Gaming Threats by 2024

A new report by VPNRanks, a well-known VPN and digital privacy expert, reveals a disturbing rise in cyber threats targeting the online gaming community.

The report predicts a surge in cyberattacks, with potential desktop mobile infections linked to games reaching a staggering 4.48 million by year’s end. Popular games like Minecraft are expected to be hit the hardest, facing a whopping 77.3% of these attacks. This highlights the urgent need for stricter cybersecurity measures within the gaming industry.

Key Findings of the Reports:

  • Desktop Infections on the Rise: The report predicts a massive increase in game-related desktop infections, including malware, downloaders, and Trojans, reaching 4.48 million attempts by 2024. These threats can seriously compromise gamer privacy and security.
  • Minecraft Most Targeted: The globally popular game Minecraft is projected to be the main target, accounting for a concerning 77.3% of cyber threats. Roblox follows with 22.4%, indicating these platforms’ vulnerability due to their large player bases.
  • Children’s Games at Risk: Cyberattacks on games aimed at younger audiences are expected to skyrocket to 17.22 million by the end of 2024. The report emphasizes the importance of parental vigilance in safeguarding children’s online gaming activities.
  • Mobile Gaming Under Threat: With the mobile gaming market projected to reach 1.78 billion users by 2025, cyber threats are also on the rise in this sector. As mobile gaming apps gain popularity, they become more appealing targets for attackers seeking to exploit security weaknesses.

Beyond the Numbers:

The report analyzes deeper, categorizing the threats (phishing attacks, malware distribution, ransomware) and discussing the economic impact, including potential financial losses due to fraud and compromised accounts. Gamers often invest significant sums in in-game purchases, making these platforms lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

Protecting Yourself:

The report also offers recommendations for gamers to stay safe online, such as using strong and unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping software and systems updated.

Expert Opinion:

A cybersecurity analyst at VPNRanks says “The online gaming industry’s rapid growth has unfortunately been accompanied by a surge in cyber threats. Gamers, especially younger ones, are at high risk. It’s crucial for both game developers and users to prioritize cybersecurity.”

About VPNRanks:

VPNRanks is a leading authority on VPNs and digital privacy, committed to user education and online security. They offer in-depth reviews, guides, and analysis to empower users in protecting their personal information.

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