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Vpnranks Reveals Shocking Social Media Hacking Statistics for 2024

[Madison, Wisconsin, June 2024] – VPNRanks is proud to announce the publication of its latest insightful report, detailing comprehensive statistics on social media hacking incidents in 2024. Our research highlights the evolving threats in the digital landscape, particularly the vulnerabilities experienced by users across various social media platforms.

Highlights of the Report:

Incidents of Social Media Hacking: The year 2024 has witnessed an alarming spike in social media account compromises, with over 1.2 million hacking incidents reported globally, averaging more than 3,300 incidents per day.
Impact on User Privacy: An estimated 5 million users are projected to suffer privacy breaches by the end of 2024, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced personal cybersecurity practices. – Vulnerability of Businesses: Our findings suggest that 65% of businesses using social media for engagement and advertising are at risk of account hacking and data theft by the third quarter of 2024.
Major Platforms Affected: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are identified as the most targeted platforms, accounting for approximately 80% of all social media hacking attempts. – Phishing as a Primary Method: Phishing remains the most commonly employed tactic for social media hacking, constituting over 50% of the attacks, underscoring the critical need for awareness and preventive measures.

Social media has become a significant part of our daily lives, but it also presents substantial security challenges,” remarked Midhat Tilawat, Editor at VPNRanks. “Our report aims to shed light on these risks, providing users and businesses with the necessary knowledge to protect themselves effectively.”

About VPNRanks:

As a prominent online authority, VPNRanks delivers detailed and neutral evaluations of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Through its unique VPNScore system, VPNRanks assesses VPN services to offer rankings based on security, functionality, and consumer satisfaction. Committed to forecasting and analyzing trends in cybersecurity, VPNRanks has earned recognition from esteemed outlets such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and PC Magazine.

Discover the full details of our findings by visiting: VPNRanks Social Media Hacking Statistics Report 2024.

Release Date: 15th June, 2024

Press Release by VPNRanks

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